Friday, February 20, 2015

Zen for Dad

Date:  May 2012 - March 2013

Pattern:  McCalls Quick Quilts March 2008 (severely modified)

Reason:  I liked the pattern and I wanted to use some blocks Grandma gave me.

Special Fabrics / Best Buys:  Many of the blocks including the 4 in the centre were given to me by Grandma.  My Aunt who works at a fabric store let me know when the perfect navy came in to the store.

Thoughts:  Gave to Dad for his 60th birthday.  I hand quilted this one.  It's been a really long time since I've done that.

7 Down 5 to Go

These blocks are orphans my grandmother game me.  I love using her blocks.

Friday, January 30, 2015

More Potholders

Our church needs new potholders and hotpads.  I'm hoping to make a dozen.  These are the first two, both made with blocks my grandmother gave me.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 UFO List

In 2014 I finished four UFOs, made five new quilts start to finish and completed eight projects for the local pregnancy care centre.  I wish my UFO count was higher.  Here's a list of my current UFOs in pictures:

Purple Jacob's ladder - barely started and - is this called Trip around the World?  I don't know - but I'm adding more outside the black border, just to make it larger.

I need to make more string blocks to bring this to a good size - and I'll be working on the Grandmother's Flower Garden for a while.

I haven't decided what to do next with the cream and burgundy - it's not very big. My daughter is posing on a quilt that will go to a charity when it is done.

These pinwheels will likely go to a mission when they are done.  I just got more white for Christmas so I can continue with them now.  The other pinwheels are one block of 9 that are complete in a HST sampler that's been hanging around for years. I think I want at least 12 blocks in that one.

These are a series of breast cancer wall hangings that I'm not certain of the future of.  The Dresdens are huge.  I just came into the grey needed to continue with them.


I also have a mini log cabin and a paper piecing project that I don't have any pictures of.  My 2014 Aurifil challenge is 2 months behind.  Is that a UFO yet?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

In the Calm

a.k.a. "They Say Taupe is Very Soothing"

Size:  92" Square (approximately)

Reason:  I drew my sister Cheryl's name in the Christmas draw.  I've known for years that she has wanted a cream coloured low contrast / low volume quilt.

Fabrics / Best Buys:  For once I dipped into my stash.  Usually I quilt with scraps, but obviously that wasn't going to work for this quilt.  Half to three quarters was out of my own stock, the rest I went out for in two trips.  In an unrelated note, I'm short on creams in my stash.  Must go shopping.

I also completely used up the last of the 10 yards of white I bought last year.  I couldn't have cut another 1.5" strip if the quilt depended on it.

Thoughts:  My husband came up with the a.k.a. - it's from the Oceans 11 remake.  

I really enjoyed this pattern it was super easy to put together.  The whole quilt was finished in three weeks.

Pinning this quilt was an absolute must to make sure that all sashing lines lined up.  Mine didn't in a couple places, but overall I am pleased.

The binding is made from random leftover strips.  I love it.

Lessons Learned / Lessons to Learn:  I quilted this with my walking foot.  Even though I thought I sandwiched it very well, I still got some puckers were perpendicular seams met.  This frustrates me and I wish I knew what I was doing incorrectly.  Perhaps I need to find a walking foot quilting course.  Is it possible to use a walking foot incorrectly??

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Date:  November / December 2013

Size:  Approx 46 x 58

Reason:  I drew my sister Alison's name for Christmas

Fabrics / Best Buys:  I discovered I do not keep purple in my stash.  I had to buy everything.  Shucks.

Thoughts:  This was my first improvised back.  I think.  I learned the concept in a free Craftsy class.

The quilting is both FMQ with a darning foot with the straight-ish lines done with a walking foot.  I think I did the walking foot stuff first and then filled it in with FMQ - there is more than one FMQ design on it.

I think I like the back better.  :)

Lessons learned:  Angles are the difficult.  This quilt was a lot more challenging than I would have thought.  The pattern called for appliqued circles, but I completely wimped out and didn't add them.